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My Sweet Sugar Mummy part 3 (Final) 2017/2018

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Topic: My Sweet Sugar Mummy part 3 (Final) 2017
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Smooches and Tender, now the new king on campus, how fame came they knew not,virtually all boys and girls on campus wanted a share of the largesse and school was one hell of a party for them, the bevy of beautiful women that trot around them was a pure sign that the money was there for all and the weird thing about girl on campus was that they were all comfortable that they had other lovers, like a scenario where Smooches would be with a girl in his room and another of his girfriends walks in, she would not shout or feel cheated which is the normal way its meant to be, rather they will just walk back to the living room and wait until she is been called upon.
The money was rolling in on a weekly basis but that meant no free weekend, at first it was cool for Smooches, atleast he wasn’t missing classes and whenever he is coming back to school, he was expecting the least two million naira from madam minister and that was cool for him, but when things got out of hand was when she needed his attention during weekdays and he can’t say no because of the way madam minister talks on phone, her oppressive and bossy nature was ruining everything for Smooches
MINISTER: Hey Smooches i pay you good money not for you to be idle, come to the hotel in the next three hours and come fuck this pussy good!
Excessive sugar truly causes diabetics, it was in one of those visits that Smooches saw the large can of fire that would unveil itself when everything goes sour, right in the hotel room madam minister had rode Smooches D**k four good times, and no iota of strength was left as Smooches laid helpless in bed but madam minister wanted more of his sugar stick, as she grabbed his D**k and said
MINISTER: Young man am addicted to this D**k, i’ll do anything to keep it here with me for a long time
Smooches: Ma’am am kinda tired please let me rest for a while, shower and eat before we do anything, that’s if i even have strength.
MINISTER: You should never say you want to rest, when i need to get fucked, boy you fuck me good! you understand?
Then she put his flaccid D**k in her mouth, sucking to rise Smooches sensation to the alter of raw sex and unguarded pleasure, Smooches felt irrated as he pushed her hands of his D**k, and out of anger, wore his clothes and left the hotel room but didn’t know that the real shocker was waiting for him downstairs.

Madam minister’s security aides of Mopol and Army stopped Smooches on his way out, whisked him away in thier van and took him to an unidentified location as the hot lash from the koboko kissed his back and ripped off flesh while its been drawn, it was then Smooches knew the depth of dilema his idiotic ignorance had dug a hole for him and his was giving a stern warning by the harsh looking faces of madam minister’s aides to never walk out of her in anger
Mopol 1: You get luck sef say madam like you, if not we for kill you troway for bush.
Mopol 2: Na one tin with dis small boys, because you dey run things with madam, you don think say you get levels
Smooches was dropped at the hotel, as he walked into the room, he saw madam minister, sitting in a twin sofa, legs crossed while she was puffing her cigar and daily newspapers where littered everywhere
MINISTER: Young man i like you doesn’t mean you should misbehave, if you had fucked me then, you won’t have recieved this beating.
Smooches:{tears in his eyes} Am sorry ma, very sorry.
MINISTER: Alright your forgiven, now come suck my pussy good.
Smooches couldn’t believe how the pussy he used to crave for now seem like poison to his being, he bent down while she dropped her pyjamas on the floor, spread her legs wide as she sat on the sofa, still reading her newspaper and puffing her cigar while Smooches was licking her clitoris
MINISTER:{pushed smooches head away} Young man , suck this pussy well, don’t just kneel down there and waste my time.
Smooches sucked for almost fifteen minutes and then she flinged the newspaper away, used the ash tray to quench the cigar as she kept moaning
MINISTER: Young man! yes use that tongue well…….oh! thats the spot, keep sucking like that
Smooches used the anger from the beating he recieved as he drew her legs closer to him as he stood up, while madam ministers back rested on the sofa, Smooches inserted his semi erect D**k into her pussy and fucked her so hard like it was a rape scene, squeezing her nipples so hard and pounding her pussy very hard, the more harder he pounded her, the more she kept screaming
MINISTER: Young man, that’s exactly how i have always wanted it, when i say tear up my pussy, i meant this! Wooooooow! Yes Boy
That made Smooches almost want to loose his sense of composure but when the thought of the koboko made him maintain his cool and madam minister’s cum was so large that it sprayed and gushed all over Smooches and the bedsheet, she handed him a cheque of three million naira, Smooches left the check where she would see it as he walked out of the hotel and vowed never to see her again.
Tender laughed as Smooches narrated his ordeal, the tears from the heavy laughter made Tender’s tummy to wrench in pain, he was lost in thoughts that all he was looking for was a solution and Big Riley walked into the room
BIG RILEY: O boy from door sef i don hear your predicament, the best way out is to set her up
TENDER: {smiling} E be like say you no know say madam minister get connection?
SMOOCHES: Abeg Tender you better shut up, may Big Riley talk, wetin you sabi
And Smooches Agreed to set madam minister up but now the problem is, How do they set her up?

The plan to setup madam minister wasn’t an easy task, it was all Smooches and Big Riley could think about for days as they would come up with a plan and squash it at the same time, for the fear of it not being authentic and free from being caught, as Smooches was panting and walking to and fro the room, staring at his watch and then hiss before sitting on the sofa, Tender could see that his dear friend was loosing his cool.
TENDER: O boy you need to forget this whole plan of setting your sugar mummy up, you know she is connected, what if it backfires?
SMOOCHES: {smiled} Bro, if you know wetin i suffer that day! walahi my brother you will even help me in devising a better plan on how to make this run smoothly.
And Smooches phone rang, and it was the dreaded madam minister, Smooches was too scared to answer his call that he showed Tender who the caller was on his phone, and he answered the call.
Smooches: Hello
MADAM MINISTER: Young man, i noticed you either dropped the cheque on purpose on my table or you forgot it, but that’s not the issue why am calling you.
SMOOCHES: Ma’am please i don’t want any of your money again, please leave me alone, there is over a thousand young men in your area, why don’t choose one and leave me alone?
MADAM MINISTER: I knew you would prove stubborn, but that’s not a surprise, open your door and see my gift for you outside.
The news threw Smooches off balance as he dashed for the door to open it, he saw madam ministers security aides and thier cars parked right inside thier compound!, he quickly locked the door while Tender who was visibly shaking as he stood up.
The Security aides smashed the door open and dragged Smooches by the belt, as he struggled to set himself free, Big Riley drove into the compound and saw the huge scene that was brewing in his compound, as a true friend that he was, he joined Smooches in the car as the car screeched off with trail of dust giving way as they headed for madam ministers hotel room.
Almost fourty five minutes since Smooches was dragged into madam ministers hotel room and not even a shout or any unusual sound was heard by Big Riley who waited patiently for his friend and said silent prayers in his heart for his friend as he looked up to the sky, clenched fist and sweaty palm, eyes showing signs of fear that had engulfed his soul.
BIG RILEY: Lord we are sinners and mere human beings, give us the grace of a second chance and let this present memory fade away like sand on a desert.
It seems his prayers been answered when the knob of the hotel room was twisted and opened, he saw Smooches crying and begging as he was pushed out of the room wearing only his pants, then the security aides rushed to the door of the hotel room and the voice of madam minister could be heard as she shouted to the top of her voice.

MADAM MINISTER: So your trying to videotape this? what was your intentions? do you know i have political ambitions? am finished! only God knows if you haven’t been recording our previous encounters! infact mopol give him and that his stupid friend real VIP treatment, one that they won’t forget.
The next story that followed was one that makes my heart bleed, they were stripped naked by the security aides and driven to school and paraded round the school as KIDNAPPERS, Tender could not believe his eyes when he rushed to the football feild in school, only to see Smooches and Big Riley beaten to a pulp by the security aides, the news in school was that they tried kidnapping the minister of finance but that the security officers foiled thier plans!
The sweet sugar mummy that drooled out millions of cash was still the one to give them a very bitter pill that swallowing it was quite hard.



The evolving pleasure had enveloped both lovers as Smooches took the huge black dildo from her and inserted it into her now wet pussy slowly before using his spit to lubricate his D**k and slowly put his D**k into her anus as she let out a loud moan, a sign that she was feeling the excruciating pain his D**k was giving her as it widened her anus, he put the full length of his huge D**k into her anus while the dildo was already in her pussy as she moaned
MINISTER: C’mon boy ram that ass all up for me, fuck me like a bitch.
And the animal in Smooches came alive as he hit her pussy hard with precise rhythm and thrust, the dildo was fucking her pussy slow while his D**k was really the trigger that made madam minister mad, as she kissed him and thier tongue tangled and she was all sweaty, while Smooches kept asking questions
Smooches: Do you like my D**k? should i hit harder? why is your pussy so sweet?
MINISTER: Oh i love your pipe boy, tear up my ass, fuck me till i faint, you are the one that has brought out the sweetness in my cunt!
And Smooches continued ploughing her ass while she held him by the waist and directed him on how hard or slow she wants it, she began to shake her fat thighs in wild ecstacy, and her hand gripped Smooches by the waist as her long fingernails left marks on both side of his waist and her cum gushed out and rubbed Smooches all over his groin area while some drooled down to her ass and she yelled
MINISTER: Damnnnnn! boy you have killed me.
The cum that drooled down her butt hole made the thrusting far easier for Smooches as it was now slippery and he began to fuck faster
SMOOCHES: Am cuming, Yes ooooo
And Smooches let his cum shoot right inside her anus as he held her close and the sweat from his face dripping on her boobs and he pulled out his D**k, laid by the bed side and was panting for air
While all these things where happening, Tender and Big Riley where still at the bar, drinking and chatting, Big Riley knew deep down that for them to be at the bar by 12pm with nobody giving either of them a signal meant it was bad business and that they will have to use thier own money to pay for a room, Tender was already feeling sleepy and yawning with his mouth wide open, he decided to use the convenience.
Tender walked right into two women who grabbed each other by the butts as they were kissing, he turned back immediately, apologise as he left the toilet in quick steps but he was called back and the fair fat short woman amongst the two stretched her hand and introduced herself
CHIOMA: How are you dude? my name is chioma and meet my friend tessy
And tessy gave a faint smile and winked at him, tessy is really an epitome of beauty, she has this imposing height and was curvy and thin, though she looks old but it was obvious chioma was older than her.
CHIOMA: Are you booked for the night?
TENDER: No ma’am, i have been at the bar drinking since
Tessy decided to go straight for the kill for they all knew why they where there.

To Be ConTinued

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